We Weren't Meant To Fly

by In The Face Of War

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D.A.M. One of a kind band, missed greatly.
Thank you guys so much for putting Self-reliance on here, thought I'd never find it. Favorite track: Siren.
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released May 7, 2011



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In The Face Of War Kokomo, Indiana

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Track Name: Simple Magic
I. Impenetrable Fortress
nature is calling us out to play, will we listen to her sweet serenade?
she sings to us about balance, dreams of abandon and dreams of form
the harmonies sound like passion that her silent orchestra performs
she never shows her face, she's hiding in the trees
and although at times I may feel lonely
she says "rest assured, I'll never leave. I'll never leave"
that's when I know for certain, that she's impenetrable, she's a fortress
and there is nothing more that I want than for her to be my mistress

II. Animal Magnetism

III. Falling
we weren't meant to fly but let's jump anyway
because falling feels like flying and I'll take that simple magic any day
there's no need to worry, just let a good thing happen
take my hand and don't be afraid
Track Name: Asteroid
i am an asteroid on its course, holding steady to what appears random
but in the emptiness, the nothingness that dominates
a sun appears, unnamed and before unseen
as i approach i feel myself catch fire
the layers of ice and elements shedding in displays of brilliant light
colors radiate, i shimmer like a star
but as i come close, my angle brings me too near
i'm caught in your gravity, my path becomes unclear
there's no hope for escape, if given the chance
i would not choose to return to the expanse
you narrow my elliptical flight
i get brighter and brighter as i near your surface
as i stare into death, i begin to get nervous
if i could have only found an orbit, i would've loved to be your planet
Track Name: Siren
Still waters surround me
As a divine verse drifts into my ears
The tones compose my waking dreams
I long to be with the angel whose song I hear

I'm waiting for a siren to sing me away

Heavy sighs don't help the time go by

I'm not going no where fast, I'm going everywhere slow
If you can show me something new, I'll follow you wherever you go
I want your magic to be unlocked and shown to me
And if that's not possible, just lie to me, just lie to me
Just lie to me

I'm waiting for a siren to sing me away
I find myself hanging on every word you say
And so I must admit this is something rare
This wholly new experience, nothing can compare

I don't know what to think
So I just think nothing
I don't know what to say
But I feel I should say something
You're the flower with the goddesslike intoxication and I'll be your bee
I'll keep my eyes to the sky and I'll wait
And I'll wait and I'll wait and I'll wait
I'll wait and I'll wait and I'll wait and I'll wait
I'll wait and see
Track Name: Roads are Merely a Suggestion
we've had our times of coming and of going
of looking forward and of looking back, of holding on and of letting go
these are the lives that we live
this is where we come from, this is where we belong
we'll hold each other up and make each other strong
what's been lost and why and what's left to gain
through all that has been and all that will be
we make the best of being together
watching parts of us grow and parts of us die
these are the lives that we live
Track Name: Second Homes
this song is for all of those who have opened up there homes
and make us feel so welcome when we were on the road
and shown us generosity like we have never known
through your lives you've taught us better ways to live our own
these times have taught us so much
as much as we hope that these days will never end
one day we'll have to pack our bags and say goodbye to our friends
but we will never leave without a promise that someday we will see you again
until that day you will be with us in our minds and in our hearts and always a part of who we are
to all our second homes we could not do this alone
we owe so much to everyone who has helped us on our way
but we have so little with which to repay
we can only offer this song and these words that we sing
Track Name: All I Have
disappointment is the color of your face
but instead of changing I'll say not to expect so much of me
all I can say is that I'm sorry
but what does that mean if I don't change, if I don't try to make things right
someone bring back to life this heart of mine because it is all I have
so it's time for actions to speak when words are lies
loneliness isn't the penalty, it's the rehabilitation
and if the state's medicine works, I'll come out clean and empty of what I once was
someone bring back to life this heart of mine because it is all I have
and now I need you more than ever

you cannot live your life
feeling sorry for yourself
you can't base your opinions
on the words of someone else
sometimes you feel like nothing
is all that you can do
but I know that you have the strength
to stand up for what you know is true
I know I've broken promises
I know I've let you down
I've got to make it right again
this is what family's all about
Track Name: Here we Are, Here and Now
here we are, here and now, for the first time
ready to take over, no longer the next in line
we've waited far too long for our chance to come
we haven't gained a thing if waiting is all we've done
we thought we thought when we were young
there were always better days to come
but now we're older, we have changed
why do we still feel the same
because tomorrow is always a day away
here we are, here and now, for the first time
ready to take over, no longer the next in line
there's so much in our hearts that longs for something more
with all that we can do what are we waiting for
if all we have is this moment in this day in our lives
how can we make the best of it if we don't even try
when life's been full of failure and nothing comes our way
what makes us think it will be different today
but this is our time and we're ready to begin
if we don't do something now
we may never have this chance again
we want something more
Track Name: The Whole of Who I Am
just hear me out for a second or two
because i've got some things i'd like to say to you
i've been places in the past that i no longer go
and there are parts of me that i no longer show
it's not that parts of me died, it's that parts of me grew
and maybe if you thought about it you would too
and i've said and done things that i don't say and do anymore
and once there were things that i'm no longer living for
there's not a day that passes that i dont learn and change
and without all my experiences, i wouldn't be the same
so who i am today is the whole of who i've been
and my thoughts are just composites of all i've taken in
so i proclaim of what i think it's all nothing new
the only difference in it is what i choose to do
does your heart ever lead you where you know you shouldn't go
down a path of unsurety of something you've never known
because i have found myself there more than a time or two
and sometimes to let go is all that you can do
and somewhere in that freedom from the standards you've been taught
you'll find that who you want to be is someone who you're not
Track Name: For a Better Tomorrow
It would not be out of line to say
more than a few of us are discontented
and it would not be out of line to say
it's getting easier to turn to depression, hatred and anger for answers
but like tan bods nose jobs and hot rods
they don't solve the real problem
if they can't cure it with a pill
they don't think we ever will
they say things are hopeless, and things will stay the same
certainly with that attitude nothing will ever change
we can fight amongst ourselves, instead of moving on
or we can look at yesterday and see where we went wrong
for a better tomorrow, we'll start with today
with all the things we do and all the things we say
Track Name: Victims
look around from face to face and see the reasons that we came to this place
we've all been drawn together by one common theme
by one common need
we feel empty
we feel lonely
we feel useless
we feel powerless
we feel as though our lives will amount to nothing
is this all there is?
we want something more, is that too much to ask for
because we don't know if our lives make any sense
it's all part of the holes in our hearts that we don't know how to fill
we just want something real
we've been told there is something wrong with us
we've been told we need some sort of salvation
but there is nothing in ourselves that we need saved from
so we'll always be waiting for recovery to come